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Our simple 3 step process will have you selling your product in no time.

Choose one of our stock product formulas or have us create your own custom formula. We will walk you through this process.

Let our experts assist you in creating an awesome new logo and labels or you can use your current brand.

Determine the quantity of product you would like to start with. Place your order. Start selling!

What we do?

Manufacturing – Private Label – Ingredients – Wholesale

Offering stock and custom supplements, BG Custom Solutions can customize virtually any product to achieve your highest expectations . We specialize in Sports Nutrition Manufacturing with pre, intra and post workout, recovery, fat burners and all types of proteins. We offer powder, capsule and liquid solutions.  We also manufacturer all the popular nutraceuticals including; Garcinia Cambogia, Rasberry Keytones, Colon Cleanses, Energy Blends and now CBD products.

Private Labeling

Manufacturing – Private Label – Ingredients – Wholesale

Build your own brand and sell your own product. Full private label services are available for our many stock formulas including: logo and label design.  We work closely with label printers to insure all goes smoothly.  We private label several Hemp and CBD brands that you’ll find for sale on places like Amazon, Ebay and the like.  We have the capability of making, tinctures, capsules, gummies, hard candy, topical applications, and chocolate.  We can help lift your brand to a new level with our wide array of capabilities.

Why we’re different

We make real products with real ingredients to label specifications.  In a world filled with adulterated products we strive to hold our competitors accountable.  We have fast turnaround times and work closely with you and give the attention you need to maintain your products and grow.  We offer a wide array of products at competitive pricing with fast turn around times.  Our close attention to our customers is what sets us apart whether you are looking for a collagen product, a hemp/CBD products, or a preworkout.  We are here to walk you through the process.

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