From concept to reality…

At BG Custom Solutions, we pride ourselves on not only manufacturing high quality Sports Nutrition, All-Natural, and cutting-edge supplements, but also helping customers like yourself take their brand to the next level.

With years of experience, our knowledgeable staff works directly with you to create the perfect supplements for your brand!

Tired of getting the runaround from your current manufacturer? Never worry about being left in the dark again. BG Custom Solutions will be with you during every step of the manufacturing process.


Whether you already have a formulation or if you are looking to create a custom formulation, BG’s talented team, including a doctor (MD) on staff can formulate quality blends to exact specifications for you at affordable prices.

Our team will work directly with you to assist you in creating the best possible product with the best ingredients. We guarantee that the ingredients on the label are exactly what is in your product.


Long lead times? Not with BG Custom Solutions. With both day and night shifts, BG can deliver on industry-best lead times to all customers- big and small!

Because BG Custom Solutions is an actual manufacturer and not simple a broker, we make all of our customers a priority. The faster we can get your product out, the faster you can start getting sales!


We are a TRUE, FULL SERVICE MANUFACTURER with over 20,000 square feet of production space. You have access to everything you need in one place with our complete turn-key solution.

This means you can depend on BG Custom Solutions to deliver the best possible product quality. With our very large quantities of raw ingredients in stock so you can fell confident that your products orders will be fulfilled in a timely manner. We also stock tens of thousands of containers and packaging, in order to produce your orders when you need them.


Need a label designed and printed? Let us handle it! Creating labels that showcase your Brand is something we do every day, and we do it well!

Our in-house graphic designers can help increase Brand recognition and shelf presence by conceiving a fresh design that exceeds any of our customers’ expectations.


Just getting started and worried about having to order in large quantities? We have a solution for you. BG’s “in-house, crafted formula program” delivers the highest quality products in every supplement category, at a fraction of the time of most manufacturers, and with low minimum order requirements —– CALL NOW (312) 442-2631


Receive custom samples of your products

BG Custom Solutions offers the fastest custom sample turnaround time in the industry, averaging 5 days from start to shipping. This service is offered for you to be able to get your custom formula in small quantities for testing, proof of concept, flavor choice, etc.

Our trained experts will also assist you with perfecting your formula at no additional cost.

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